[Beowulf] HPC focused containerisation project

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Jun 14 16:34:29 PDT 2015

Hi all,

After the recent discussions of containers I thought folks might be
interested in this information from Ralph Castain (one of the Open-MPI
developers) who mentioned a new project he's starting up to develop a
BSD licensed HPC focused container project and he's actively seeking out
interested parties for input and contributions (and he's happy for me to
pass this on here):


> FWIW, I’m just starting on my 2nd “pre-retirement” project
> (PMIx being the first and ongoing one) to build an open source
> HPC container (under the 3-clause BSD license) that will run at
> user level, provide bare-metal (QoS managed) access to the
> OS-bypass fabric, provide direct injection of user applications,
> and function ship access to the file system. I expect to setup
> a public Github for it in the next week or so, and hopefully
> have at least a start in time for SC15.
> Anyone interested can drop me a line off-list (rhc at open-mpi.org
> <http://open-mpi.org>) and I’ll notify you when I get things setup.
> I’m more than happy to have other interested parties collaborate
> on it!

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