[Beowulf] Fundamental HPC cluster problem

John Thingstad jpthing at online.no
Wed Jul 22 04:55:24 PDT 2015

OK. Ethtool eth3 showed that the link was indeed down.
A wire test showed a wiring problem in the Ethernet cable. I had already 
accessed the cluster from it using the router so a wire must have broken 
when I moved it to the server. Now fixed and running.

Anyhow thanks for all help.

Den 21. juli 2015 02:49, skrev John Hearns:
>> John
>> Please give is the results of ‘ip addr’
>> Also look closely at the system log messages when dhcp starts.
>> Stop the dhcp service, then restart it when running a tail –f on the 
>> system log.
>> If that does not help, stop the dhcp service and run dhcpd with the 
>> ‘-d’ flag in a separate window,
>> and give it the argument eth3 on the command line ?

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