[Beowulf] Diagnosing Discovery issue xCat

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Mon Aug 31 20:43:11 PDT 2015

Hi Nick,

On 01/09/15 12:54, Nick Evans wrote:

> Any pointers on where to look for anything that might shed some light
> on this issue will be helpful. Also do i need to specifically get the
> MIBS file for the switch as i don't recall needing to to this in the
> past?

I'm just bringing up a new cluster with xCAT and found that I was having
issues with xCAT talking to the switches for discovery of the blade chassis.

It turned out that whilst the documentation said that xCAT defaults to
using SNMPv1 by default it actually takes the default of the underlying
library and that now is SNMPv3.

So we did:

# tabdump switches

You can tell for certain with wireshark or tcpdump.

If that is the case for that you can just set it as above (of course
you'll want "Cisco" instead of "BNT" for yours).

Best of luck!
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