[Beowulf] InfiniBand channel bundling?

Jörg Saßmannshausen j.sassmannshausen at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Oct 27 03:56:08 PDT 2014

Dear all,

as I am not the great expert when it comes down to InfiniBand, I was wondering 
whether somebody could give me some advice here whether that is possible what 
I want to do or not.

I got some older dual Mellanox Technologies MT23108 cards (8.5 Gb/sec (4X)) 
and currently I am only using one of the two ports on them.
I was wondering, is it possible with InfiniBand to utilise the second port in 
such a way that I can increase the bandwith of the network (and lower the 
latency maybe)?

I am not talking about IPoIB here, I am talking about pure InfiniBand. I am 
using OpenMPI 1.6.5 on that cluster and I got a Voltaire sLB-24 switch.

Let me know if you require any more informations here. I simply would make a 
bit more out of an old machine which is being used in teaching and some 

All the best from a sunny London


Dr. Jörg Saßmannshausen, MRSC
University College London
Department of Chemistry
Gordon Street

email: j.sassmannshausen at ucl.ac.uk
web: http://sassy.formativ.net

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