[Beowulf] SC14 website scheduling issues

Jason Riedy jason at lovesgoodfood.com
Sun Nov 16 13:35:06 PST 2014

And Ryan Novosielski writes:
> You're lucky! I arrived tonight at the same time as a lot of people
> did for whatever other conference is here, and I was told that there
> would be a two hour wait for the shuttle. I waited in the taxi line
> for about a half an hour to get a taxi.

Similar although a little shorter on early Saturday morning.  Didn't
help that I forgot about the shuttle ticket booth closer to the
shuttle.  Tiny ticket line there...  APHA seems quite large (their
142nd annual meeeting, we're infants), and there seems to be another
large-ish, non-sports group in town.  And a good many college

BTW, there is a little paper pocket schedule.  It doesn't have the
details, but at least it's a place to mark your schedule physically.

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