[Beowulf] SC14 website scheduling issues

Skylar Thompson skylar.thompson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 09:48:19 PST 2014

On 11/15/2014 11:12 PM, Novosielski, Ryan wrote:
>> On Nov 16, 2014, at 00:48, Stuart Barkley <stuartb at 4gh.net> wrote:
>> Another note: Just like last time SC was in New Orleans, the shuttle
>> bus operator at the airport has never heard of a convention coming
>> into town and seems to run the same shuttle schedule all the time.
>> It was a 45 minute wait in line for the shuttle to get to the hotel.
> You're lucky! I arrived tonight at the same time as a lot of people did for whatever other conference is here, and I was told that there would be a two hour wait for the shuttle. I waited in the taxi line for about a half an hour to get a taxi.

I ended up taking the bus from the airport downtown. Cost was $2, took
~50 minutes, and dropped me off two blocks from the hotel.


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