[Beowulf] SC14 website scheduling issues

Stuart Barkley stuartb at 4gh.net
Sat Nov 15 22:48:09 PST 2014

On Thu, 13 Nov 2014 at 11:49 -0000, Prentice Bisbal wrote:

> > As of right now, the Android app lacks titles, abstracts, and
> > speakers for Tuesday.  Does not bode well.

> Ugh. When I used it for SC12 and SC13, it would show the times for
> an entire track, not the individual talks. For example, if there was
> an all-day track on Broader Engagement that ran from 8:30 AM - 5 PM,
> all the talks for that track would be shown with a time of 8:30 AM -
> 5 PM, making it impossible to figure out when that one talk I
> actually wanted to attend was.
> The SC folks either need to get their act together with these phone
> apps, or provide a printed schedule again. The didn't provide one
> last year, which was a bad idea.

I'm in N.O. now and trying the Android App for the first time.  You
need to drill down into several layers of the app to find the speakers
and topics but they are there now.  I don't see a good way to see an
overview of everything.  Too much clicking in and back out then
somewhere else.  One plus, eventually deeper in you can even get to a
direct links to the papers (not working yet or just me not logged in)
(possibly the only real excuse for needing a network connection).

The Android App seems to want to be Internet Connected and have you
logged into something a lot of the time.  It doesn't even seem to be
able to display the two floor maps of the convention center without a
working Internet connection.  It also does not appear to let you put
anything on your schedule using the "star" without logging in with an
Internet connection (but it will kindly let you take local notes).

Another very annoying thing with the Android App on my tablet is that
the IEEE banner is taller than the other banners and each time that
banner rotates through the rest of the page jumps down a few pixels
and then back up just as my eyes have started to adjust.  Makes
reading the text real difficult.

I think I will prefer the paper printed copy on which I can draw
stars, lines, bigger stars, and more see-also lines.

Another note: Just like last time SC was in New Orleans, the shuttle
bus operator at the airport has never heard of a convention coming
into town and seems to run the same shuttle schedule all the time.
It was a 45 minute wait in line for the shuttle to get to the hotel.

I've never been lost; I was once bewildered for three days, but never lost!
                                        --  Daniel Boone

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