[Beowulf] Nvidia and IBM create GPU interconnect for faster supercomputing

Jason Riedy jason at lovesgoodfood.com
Wed Mar 26 14:28:46 PDT 2014

And Prentice Bisbal writes:
> I haven't read the article in it's entirety, but it looks like
> NVidia and IBM have just fired the first shot in Exascale race
> (apologies for the mixed metaphors).

More another shot towards fragmentation.  PCIe is something that
(more or less) everyone can implement.  Not much margin.  Special
interconnects (on board or between boards) are an open game.
There are related announcements from Intel.  I'm kinda shocked
(well, no, but I wish I were) at the lack of such an announcement
from AMD.

Note also the "energy efficient" bits of these announcements.
That is important for exascale, but it isn't the only project
with funding.

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