[Beowulf] HPC with CUDA

Greg Keller Greg at Keller.net
Fri Jun 13 07:16:08 PDT 2014

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> Subject: [Beowulf] HPC with CUDA

> I need install 5 GPUs(Geforce GTX 780s) in a server and  1 Tesla
> Keppler K40 in other.
> ? Do they have any recommendation for server HP or Dell?  processor? , RAM?

We have considered the easily overlooked Dell T620 for these types of
projects needing a lot of slots and power supplied...

7 PCIe slots:
Four x16 slots with x16 bandwidth, full-length, full-height
Two x8 slots with x8 bandwidth, full-length, full-height
One x8 slot with x4 bandwidth, full-length, full-height

There are rack mount kits available and you can cram 32 disks in it if you
end up with a craving for local IO at some point.  It's marketed as a
"Tower" server so we overlooked it for a year.

Supermicro has a board that provides Eight x16 slots, but I understand it's
wired so that 2 slots are effectively sharing 16 lanes.  Let me know if you
find anything more awesome...

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