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Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
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On 12/06/14 05:03, Tom Harvill wrote:

> We've found that a large majority of our files (~40MM of ~50MM)
> are less than 10KB. We believe our filesystem (lustre) is
> bottlenecked with IOPs and locking related to jobs running against
> these files. We have ~700TB usable storage with ~500TB consumed,
> almost all consumption is by a relatively small number of very very
> large files.

Coincidentally I was talking to some people involved in Lustre
yesterday about it and I asked them how well it coped.  There was a
bit of shuffling of feet and the answer was along the lines that it
wasn't really their target use case.

Our GPFS filesystem has a lot of fairly small files, but nothing like
the proportion that you are seeing (4/5ths < 10kB).

We have had odd edge cases, like people running OpenFOAM creating a
directory hierarchy of millions of directories, each with 5 files in
them.   That was fun...

All the best!
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