[Beowulf] HPC with CUDA

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jun 6 09:36:39 PDT 2014

> Yes, I have been working on one for a while.
> It is a nice system, ported a bunch of apps to it with little effort.
> I have only one at the moment, but planning to build a small cluster in a
> little bit.

I'm curious why, but perhaps I'm being mean ;)

for instance, 192 pseudo-cores, even for 11W, isn't that much
to write home about, is it?  a 750ti card, costing a little less,
dissipating <75W, delivers 640 higher-clocked, newer-generation shaders,
and with much faster memory.

doesn't make as compact a system, of course...

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