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Thu Jun 12 22:07:40 PDT 2014

uses the QSW NIC to access disks via some file servers, uses local memory caching,
blablabla (you should be able to find a lot about this on the web),
and PFS is able to manage parallel access to file servers, that gives you more
throughput of course.

What about PC's clusters ? Here, our dear users use local disks ! They seem to be
quite happy,
(one day one of my colleague tried to install PVFS over SCI but it was a disaster),
so we are a little bit disappointed. Why HPC's vendors are doing efforts,
if most of the user's programs can use local disks + ftp at the end of their runs on a
distant file server ?

That's why I post my super naive email yesterday.

Are there some figures about PVFS perfs over SCI and/or Myrinet ?



> The original poster said something about his experience in the world of
> supercomputers and MPPs there were parallel file systems, so one MIGHT think
> that in fact he DOES have applications relavant to PVFS - but who knows, maybe
> he'll tell us.
> In the mean time, since there aren't any good open source solutions to the cached file system problem, why don't you work on it yourself.  Our newest version of PVFS is designed so that things like that can be added as modules.
> We don't have the manpower to solve ALL of the problems, so we are trying to
> at least create a framework for collaboration.
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