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Thu Jun 12 22:07:40 PDT 2014

id=VMID   A new feature in PVM 3.4.4 is the concept of a "Virtual Machine  ID".
          You can now set the VMID to an arbitrary string and this will distin­
          guish and allow multiple virtual machines to run on the same  set  of
          hosts under the same userid.  (This feature was originally introduced
          by SGI in their commercial PVM product, and has now been  generalized
          for  the public PVM system.)  This feature seems to be something that
          people often want, and the PVM_VMID is the cleanest  way  to  provide
          this  functionality,  rather  than overloading the SHAREDTMP compiler
          flag and other internals.  By default, all hosts which are  added  to
          the  virtual  machine will inherit the same VMID.  If hosts are added
          to the virtual machine which are running older versions of PVM (prior
          to  3.4.4),  then the VMID will be ignored for those hosts, and hence
          these machines can only be added to one virtual machine for the given
          user.   The  VMID  need  not be consistent on every host in a virtual
          machine (although this is not necessarily advisable).

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