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Thu Jun 12 22:07:40 PDT 2014

The TCP/IP connections could not be established for some reason.
I purposely started an FTP server on the slave so that I can test
forming TCP/IP connections afterward.  ftp'ing to the slave just
hung, although I could sniff 2-way packets from to (bpmaster's port).  I'm guessing that the connection
was spoiled since the slave put up this message:

bproc: connect: connect failed, errno=111
bpslave: short read - lost connection to master
  rebooting in 30 seconds

"ifconfig -a" on the master and slave showed that they were properly
bonded.  I also tricked the slave into giving me a shell so that I
could type stuff after it lost connection with the master. I did this
by "bpsh 0 csh -f /tmp/shell"
/tmp/shell looks like:
tcsh < /dev/console > /dev/console

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