[Beowulf] Sysadmin track/BoF/Workshop(s) at SC15.

Andrew Mather mathera at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 17:36:52 PST 2014

> > My pleasure ... I do think asking James Cuff, Chris Dwan, and others
> > running/managing big kit (and the teams running the kit), what they
> > are doing and why would be quite instructive in a bigger picture sense.
> >
> > Which to a degree suggests that mebbe a devops/best practices BoF or
> > talk series, or educational workshop at SC15 wouldn't be a bad thing
> > ...  I'd be happy to submit a proposal for this for this year.
> >
> > Let me know ...
> Actually, several other System Admins and I are trying to get more
> emphasis on System Administration at the SC conferences, and to even
> have a SysAdmin track. Talking about practical issues about managing
> filesystems, like those brought up here, would be a great topic to
> include in this.

This.. This so much !  :)

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