[Beowulf] installint MPI 1.x on RHEL 5.4

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Mon Apr 28 02:35:54 PDT 2014

>>>>> "James" == Lux, Jim (337C) <james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

    James> On 4/26/14, 6:13 AM, "Andrew M.A. Cater"
    James> <amacater at galactic.demon.co.uk> wrote:

    >> time or inclination to do homework for students and similar who
    >> haven't done some preliminary reading for themselves. Hint -
    >> there are approximately 15 years of archives of this list alone
    >> which may help to give you a background.
    >> Hope this helps - with every good wish,
    >> Andy Cater _______________________________________________

    James> Of course, if you try to build a cluster with 15 year old
    James> procedures, etc.  you¹re in for a sort of frustrating time..
    James> But Andy¹s point is well taken.

    James> Is there a current ³how to build a beowulf cluster² for
    James> someone just starting?  RGB¹s book is a start, but I suspect
    James> it has been overtaken by events. Ditto the Sterling, et
    James> al. books

    James> For instance, is there a ³Ubuntu Beowulf how-to² out there?

How about https://qlustar.com/book/docs/install-guide ?
You can setup a head-node + a virtual demo-cluster in 30 min.

BTW: Qlustar Basic Edition is a professional solution that is free for
academic use. https://qlustar.com/content/qlustar-basic-edition


http://www.q-leap.com / http://qlustar.com

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