[Beowulf] transcode Similar Video Processing on Beowulf?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed Apr 16 10:41:47 PDT 2014

> I think this an interesting distinction, between RPC and simple queues.
> RPC relies on a client calling on a known remote server, where simple
> queues allow a horde of workers to pull messages off as they are
> available.  I can see a use case for either depending on scale.

I'm unforgivably implementation-oriented, but: whaa?

a queue requires an RPC to enqueue and an RPC to dequeue, so it's not as if 
there is any difference in scalability, security or local/remote-ness. 
ie enqueing is a sort of fire-and-forget RPC that doesn't do any work.

I guess the main difference is really architectural: with queues as the 
building block, you need an out-of-band, "meta" coordinator to track 
success/completion, whereas the RPC approach can handle status in-band.


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