[Beowulf] Docker in HPC

Peter Clapham pc7 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Nov 27 07:39:11 PST 2013

Hello Igor,
We're on the same release stream and initially ran into some interesting 
memory resolution issues. The good news is that we have a pre-release 
patch in hand that is in testing (as we speak) if this proves to resolve 
the issues we ran into then I'm hopeful that the roll out will take 
place in the new year.

Apologies for not being too specific regarding the issues we hit on 
list. If there's interest, feel free to mail directly as it's probably 
unfair to wash the linen of others in public.

On 27/11/13 15:11, INKozin wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> we are running LSF on one of our new clusters here at ICR. We 
> allowed jobs sharing nodes but enabled cgroups support in LSF to 
> perform job isolation using core and memory control. So far so good. 
> SGE supports cgroups too but I don't know how well.
> Compartmentalisation is interesting for us too. For example, in the 
> context when several versions of the same application must be 
> maintained and provided for users but the apps in turn depend on 
> various perl/python/R modules the version requirements of which may 
> contradict to each other.
> Perhaps if ensemble could be shipped as a container that could be a start.
> Best
> Igor

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