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Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.com.pl
Fri Nov 22 14:01:04 PST 2013

On Fri, 22 Nov 2013, Andrew Holway wrote:

> +1 for Option 1.

+1 for Option 1, assuming the voice of lurker matters.

To be frank, I don't recall any kind of "house rules". And I am subscribed 
for quite some time, starting back when I was stupid and arrogant.

>From my personal experience, I get plenty of emails per day. If there is a 
link, quite often I don't click at all, mostly because I put it on the 
shelve and forget. If there is a content inside, I have a chance to skim 
it quickly, or thoroughly. I consider law dealing with this stuff to be 
tricky. Can I learn the article by heart? Do I need permission to do that? 
What parts of it can I remember, actually? Can I make notes? Can I make 
extensive notes? With pictures? What if I have no hands, can I make a 
photocopy? All of this and more I am willing to classify as fair use.

I would rather not delve into the subject of law. Strangely, only certain 
groups are expected to abide it. For example, since it all started with 
music, musicians are expected to abide but record makers may be ok with 
not abiding, as long as they don't get caught - while still touting around 
how they are being robbed. But, certainly there are some exceptions on 
both sides. And with this remark I would like to end.

BTW, as far as I can tell, Chopin and Mozart (and possibly more composers) 
"stole" the folk music (see, in quotes, because I don't agree with such 
notion). Perhaps we should define what is a genuine creation. One day, 
when money goes somewhere else.

Now, of course it is different when a group of people gets involved. There 
should be some kind of agreement between them with regard to the content. 
Unfortunately, the three options given by original poster are not very 
good to choose from, the least offensive is number 1, which I choose.

Alternatively, Option 4 is to form a rule to be followed from now on. 
Here, in public. Hence no excuses for those who didn't know. Plus, include 
it in welcome message or something.

Tomasz Rola

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