[Beowulf] Admin action request

Jonathan Aquilina jaquilina at eagleeyet.net
Fri Nov 22 13:58:37 PST 2013

Im no admin but a moderator myself. I agree listing full articles when one
can just link them should not be done. I say links are ok as those that
publish the various articles still get the clicks to their site.

> On 11/22/13 16:15, Joe Landman wrote:
>> On 11/22/2013 02:00 PM, Ellis H. Wilson III wrote:
>>> I think "no support" may be a bit overreaching, but nevertheless, I
>> I couldn't find a person I spoke to about this from the list in support
>> of this persons actions.  Everyone I spoke with about this was quite
>> negative.  No support is an accurate reflection.
> Not having found support from your contacts in a list with hundreds, if
> not thousands, of people on it doesn't mean there isn't someone out
> there who disagrees.  We've got lots of lurkers here.
> That being said, we're talking past each other, and what's funnier is we
> obviously agree on the core that copyrighted text shouldn't be posted on
> the list as it threatens its existence.  What I am saying is, whether 1%
> or 99% of people agree with this rule, it has zero bearing on the next
> move.  What matters is what the administrators of this list decide is
> best to achieve protection and preservation of the list (I see Chris
> Samuels is the listed admin, but I'm sure there are others).
> So, what they decide I will abide by, but I stand by my position that it
> would be a comfort, if nothing else, if there was a page with Beowulf
> Email List Rules on it.  I admit this disposition is driven by being
> married to a lawyer :D.
> Best,
> ellis
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