[Beowulf] 10GbE Adapter Market

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Nov 18 19:49:31 PST 2013

interesting stuff about GSA lists.

> A Netgear 16-port gigabit switch that sells for $200 is both SOHO and COTS.
> A Cisco Nexus 7718 18-slot chassis switch is still COTS but in no way,
> shape, manner or form SOHO.

I like to treat COTS as more than merely "not bespoke",
but really pret a porter, and the Target end of it too ;)

that is, I suspect that there are not a bunch of $30k cisco switches
on the shelf of the big distributors, and especially not in any 
local resellers or retail outlets.  the point is really that a COTS
device is produced in large volume, with low margins. 
also, to some degree with conforming to public standards
and being available from multiple vendors.

for me, beowulf is all about doing supercomputer work with COTS hardware.

regards, mark hahn.

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