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On 14/05/13 01:53, Max R. Dechantsreiter wrote:

> Government Computer News (05/11/13) Paul McCloskey 
> Linux topped open source software in quality in a study of the defects
> that occur in the software development process.  For more than seven
> years, Coverity Scan Service analyzed 850 million lines of code from
> more than 300 open source projects, including those written in Linux,
> PHP, and Apache. 

Written by someone who doesn't seem to understand what was done, Coverity
analyse the source code of the Linux kernel, PHP, Apache, etc.

More information here:


# Linux remains a benchmark for quality. Since the original Coverity Scan
# report in 2008, scanned versions of Linux have consistently achieved a
# defect density of less than 1.0, and versions scanned in 2011 and 2012
# demonstrated a defect density below .7. In 2011, Coverity scanned more
# than 6.8 million lines of Linux code and found a defect density of .62.
# In 2012, Coverity scanned more than 7.4 million lines of Linux code and
# found a defect density of .66. At the time of this report, Coverity
# scanned 7.6 million lines of code in Linux 3.8 and found a defect density
# of .59.

Via the ever excellent LWN (http://lwn.net/) - if you can afford to
support to them (and they have subscription rates between "starving hacker"
and "maniacal supporter") then please do, they provide an important service
to the Linux community (any subscriber only articles become free to the
world at large after a week) and Jon Corbet is a really nice person.

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