[Beowulf] El Reg: AMD reveals potent parallel processing breakthrough

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed May 8 10:19:49 PDT 2013

> Seems like a lifeline for AMD. Question is why they can deliver it
> that cheap knowing they're a full generation behind intel.

embedded products often use non-cutting-edge fabs - it really 
depends on the whole set of price/performance/heat/reliability/volume
tradeoffs.  for instance, a "mature" fab tech will often have much
better leakage control than when it is young - for a single line 
width, etc.

> The first ps3 incarnation had a max power usage of around a 380 watt.
> Maybe that's why Sony doesn't care?

so O($5)/year (assuming $.15/kwh and 1% duty cycle).  is this a real concern?
engineering-wise, it's a lot nicer to fit such a system inside a 
50-100W window, which is what the current rumors sound like to me.

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