[Beowulf] Bolts of Thunder and Upgraded desktop interconnect silicon....

James Cuff james_cuff at harvard.edu
Mon Jun 10 15:57:29 PDT 2013

Hi all!

So a company based out of Cupertino mentioned using this silicon in a
revamp of their MacPro line today...


we appear to have a second version of a 20GB/s consumer connection
(latency unknown), and yet this search:


does not really go anywhere cool like a github or kernel.org repo....

Any qualified folks know where this thunderbolt stuff is all heading
and are able to talk in public?




yes I did move back to .edu just in case folks were doing a double
take. And yes, (like Dr. Layton) I do still think that cloud infrastructure
as a service and HPC/HTC are still a really good idea for the right
algorithms and workloads! :-)

dr. james cuff, director of research computing & chief technology architect
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