[Beowulf] connect Mellanox IB FDR adapter to QLogic IB QDR switch?

Marko Kobal marko.kobal at arctur.si
Sun Jun 9 01:01:51 PDT 2013


> One thing for sure, you must make sure the Mellanox firmware in the HCAs are configured to run IBTA link initialization. I expect they run a Mellanox proprietary initialization by default.

OK, I've installed one adapter in one of the servers. Adapter is detected by the server and OS (centos6), latest ofed installed. IB diag tools shows link is down, adapter's leds are off.

Obviously I have to set IBTA link init. Any hint on how can I achive this? I can't find any relevant info about this in the user's manual and I have absolutely no experience with Mellanox adapters. Any help would be aprichieted, thanks!

Kind regards, Marko.
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