[Beowulf] connect Mellanox IB FDR adapter to QLogic IB QDR switch?

Marko Kobal marko.kobal at arctur.si
Thu Jun 6 01:52:01 PDT 2013


I have a cluster with QLogic IB QDR switches (QLogic 12200 (iDPx) 
36-port QDR InfiniBand Switch), currently there are servers with QLogic 
QME7342 QDR HCA adapters connected to those IB switches.

I've got a couple of Mellanox IB FDR adapters (MT27500 Family 
[ConnectX-3]) and I wonder if they would play nicely with existing IB 

Has anybody got any experiences in mixing QDR and FDR IB, especially 
connecting Mellanox FDR adapters to QLogic QDR IB switches?

Kind regards, Marko Kobal

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