[Beowulf] China to eclipse Titan with 48,000 Intel MICs?

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Thu Jun 6 01:40:01 PDT 2013

> No, that's indeed what happens on most supers I've seen. Even if some
> codes are capable of running to the (almost) full scale of the
> machine, such large runs are quite marginal. They often take place
> before the system enters production, to demonstrate its capabilities,
Well said.

> > Along similar lines, has Google or Amazon ever published their batch job
> > capacity (it must be in petaflops...)

> That means high latencies and grumpy MPI. 

Grumpy MPI.  Now there's a name for a new open source project, if I have ever seen one.

Let's start it now - a new MPI implementation which is intended for clouds and geographically
separated machines with high latencies between them. The MPI implementation will cope with 
Network interruptions of a long duration, but will of course produce copious grumpy error messages.

And we can have mailing lists which are famed across the Internet for their spikiness and flame wars.
I vote we invite Victor Meldrew to be the project's new figurehead.

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