[Beowulf] 10 GBit/s Switches starting at 800 EUR

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Wed Jan 23 05:28:47 PST 2013

Are there price/performance contenders for Netgear XS708E
or would you all just go (used) IB in that price range?

800 Euros - wow!

There is a Register article discussing setting up a 10Gbps test lab.
It discusses low cost switches.


"Networking has proven to be the most troublesome aspect of my test lab assembly. Most of my networking nerd friends are thoroughly indoctrinated Cisco believers. If you corner them, they will admit that something called "Juniper" can probably do what needs be done, but you need the better part of a bottle of scotch to get them to even admit that Arista even exists. They aren't much help when price is a consideration."

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