[Beowulf] rear door heat exchangers

Andrew aaw8459 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 12:54:48 PST 2013

Hearns, John <john.hearns <at> mclaren.com> writes:

> > 
> > i'm looking for, but have not found yet, a rear door heat exchanger
> > with fans.  the door should be able to support up to 35kw using
> > chilled water.  has anyone seen such an animal?
> > 
> > most of the ones i've seen utilize a side car that sits beside the
> > rack.  unfortunately, i'm space limited and i need something that will
> > hang on the back of the rack.
> SGI ICE clusters have chilled water rear doors just like that.
> Four radiator sections which hinge out so you can access the rear of the
> rack,
> and you can keep the rack running while you hinge out one door at a
> time.
> No 'side car' cooling unit - you just couple it up to chilled water feed
> and return via flexible pipes.
> Also check out CO2 cooling from Trox 
> http://www.troxaitcs.com/aitcs/products/CO2OLrac/index.html
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Motivair Provides an active rear door "Chilled Door" providing 45kW with 65*F
water. Motivair also manufactures a CDU for buildings with existing 45*F water


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