[Beowulf] SSD caching for parallel file systems

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 22:36:22 PST 2013

What kind of ssd's are we talking about here I have seen OCS has pci-express
ones or are we talking about standard sata SSD's. Is there that much of a
performance difference between pci-e and sata based ssd's in terms of
performance be it caching or otherwise.

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On 02/06/2013 06:24 PM, Brendan Moloney wrote:
> You could use something like CacheFS for client side caching, but this 
> will always be a read only cache.

That might not be a problem. Fusion-io's directCache is a write-though
cache, so all writes are to disk, anyway. I think several other products
behave the same to protect data integrity.

> The newer versions of CacheCade can do write caching which could be 
> pretty useful for speeding up RAID6 on the servers. Pretty sure there 
> are other options to do write caching on the server (like Bcache).

I'm looking for something that can cache a parallel filesystem from the 
client side. From what I've read of CacheCade, it only works with local 
disks directly attached to the PERC controller.

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