[Beowulf] ADMIN: Beowulf.org outage - UTC 22:00 Thursday 19th (T-21 hours)

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Dec 18 16:24:12 PST 2013

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Hi folks,

I've been working with Adam at Penguin Computing regarding issues with
the existing Beowulf.org server, and we've built a new VM that I have
admin access to to replace the old physical server it currently lives
on (which is internal to Penguin and is not accessible to myself).

I've done testing with a snapshot from earlier this year but to do the
final transition we'll need to take an outage on beowulf.org so we can
ensure we've transferred the Mailman data at its final point on that

The outage will start at 22:00 UTC Thursday 19th December and will go
on until it's finished, hopefully within an hour or three (before I
have to go for lunch!).

Here's the world clock time conversion for this:


Both the mailing list and the web site will be down for the duration
and we'll also be updating DNS to point to the new servers IP address.

Sorry for the late notice, only just had confirmation that
this time was good for them.

All the best!
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