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Call for Papers: CCGrid-Health 2014 - May 26,2014 - Chicago

* CCGrid-Health 2014 - Workshop on Clusters, Clouds and Grids for Health
* In conjunction with CCGrid 2014 - 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium
* on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing,
* May 26-29, 2014, Chicago, IL, USA
* http://lsgc.org/ccgrid-health
* **********************************

Key Dates:
* Papers Due: Feb  1, 2014
* Author Notifications: Feb 28, 2014
* Camera Ready Papers Due: Mar 14, 2014
* Workshop Venue: May 26, 2014

Medical research is currently facing the Big Data wave. High resolution digital images, genomics data, and the vast amount of medical data resources on-line (medical reports, clinical tests, biology samples, large amounts of structured and unstructured text data...) lead to an unprecedented demand for large-scale data management and analysis.

This workshop aims at bringing together developers of medical applications and researchers in the field of distributed IT systems. On the one hand, it addresses researchers who are already employing distributed infrastructure techniques in medical applications, in particular scientists developing data- and compute-intensive medical applications that include multi-data studies, large-scale parameter scans or complex analysis pipelines. On the other hand, it addresses computer scientists working in the field of distributed systems interested in bringing new developments into medical applications.

The goals are to exchange and discuss existing solutions and latest developments in both fields, and to gather an overview of challenges (technologies, achievements, gaps, roadblocks). The workshop further intends to identify  common requirements to lead future developments in collaboration between Health and Computing Sciences,  and to collaboratively explore new ideas and approaches to successfully apply distributed IT-systems in translational research, clinical intervention, and decision-making.

Workshop Chairs

- Dagmar Krefting, U. Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany
- Johan Montagnat, CNRS, France
- Sandra Gesing, U. Notre Dame, IN, USA
- Aaron Golden, A. Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA

Topics of Interest

Contributions are expected but not restricted to the following topics:

- Detailed application use-cases highlighting achievements and roadblocks
- Exploitation of distributed IT resources for HealthCare and research applications, for example medical imaging, disease modeling, bioinformatics, Public health informatics, drug discovery, clinical trials
- Service and/or algorithm design and implementation applicable to medical applications
- Error handling and fault tolerance
- Distributed and heterogeneous medical data management
- Big Medical Data applications and solutions
- Data privacy, security and access control
- Development environments for distributed applications
- Scientific gateways and user environments targeting distributed medical applications
- Dedicated distributed infrastructures and HPC systems
- Interoperability for exchanging data, algorithms and analysis pipelines
- Success stories and show stoppers

All papers will be reviewed by at least 3 independent reviewers from the international program committee. Selected papers will be presented at the workshop and published in the CCGrid conference proceedings. Please follow the submission guidelines on the workshop's website: http://lsgc.org/ccgrid-health/

Programme Committee

- Daniele D’Agostino, Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, Genova, Italy
- Christian Barillot, CNRS / IRISA, France
- Ignacio Blanquer, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
- Steve Brewer, University of Southampton, UK
- Yann Cointepas, CEA, France
- Scott Emrich, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA
- Alban Gaignard, CNRS, France
- Sandra Gesing, U. Notre Dame, IN, USA
- Tristan Glatard, CNRS, France
- Aaron Golden, A. Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA
- Ron Kikinis, Harvard Medical School, USA
- Dagmar Krefting, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany
- Jens Krüger, University of Tübingen, Germany
- Shantenu Jha, Rutgers School of Engineering, USA
- Yannick Legré, CNRS, France
- Ivan Merelli, Institute for Biomedical Technologies, Milano, Italy
- Luciano Milanesi, Institute of Biomedical Technologies, Segrate, Italy
- Johan Montagnat, CNRS/I3S, France
- Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn, TU-Dresden, Germany
- Jarek Nabrzyski, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA
- Silvia Olabarriaga, AMC / University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), Murcia, Spain
- Richard Sinnott, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Jonathan Silverstein, CCRI, NorthShore University HealthSystem, USA
- Tony Solomonides, CCRI, NorthShore University HealthSystem, USA
- James Taylor, Emory University, USA

Workshop Venue
CCGrid-Health 2014 is held in conjunction with the
14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing
May 26-29, 2014
Chicago, IL, USA
Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
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