[Beowulf] Definition of HPC

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Wed Apr 24 08:42:14 PDT 2013

> nodes.

> Do you run a scheduler?  Any user ought to be able to specify exclusivity.

Chaps, play nice please.
I am sure Mark Hahn is well aware of what batch schedulers can do.

Me, I come place myself in the camp of one job / one node (or one job / lots of nodes)
Jobs may run wild and trigger the OOM killer (say) (and YES I KNOW that you can put limits on memory usage in the batch scheduler).

I will also say that workloads vary - you may have long running jobs which do not require a lot of memory, and which could exist happily
with other jobs. YMMV. But in my experience dedicated nodes per job is preferable.

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