[Beowulf] Definition of HPC

Nicholas M Glykos glykos at mbg.duth.gr
Thu Apr 18 09:49:38 PDT 2013

> I run my X-ray generator with all safety interlocks off -
> personal responsibility are my watchwords.

Does your radiation safety officer knows that ?

> It seems that some who decry the "nanny state" feel less
> libertarian when it comes to cluster management and use.

This is not about clusters. This is about dependable, responsible and 
professional use of expensive central equipment. What do I care if you can 
demonstrate your competence, if you've already made a mistake that brought 
down a cluster that was used by 10 or 20 other people ? How should the 
admins explain to the other users that their jobs died because they gave 
you root access ?


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