[Beowulf] HP Moonshot also with AMD Kyoto

Bogdan Costescu bcostescu at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 17:27:33 PDT 2013

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Joe Landman <
landman at scalableinformatics.com> wrote:
> This is getting very non-HPC/Beowulf-ish.  My last public post on
> this.   Email me offline if you want to continue the discussion.

Pease forgive me for continuing this discussion online. It was focused on
the matter of copyright and advertising revenue - which are indeed rather
orthogonal to HPC, and missed other factors which I find important.

I joined this list at the end of 1998 and in all these years I've learned a
LOT from it. The most interesting posts (for me, at least) are the ones
expressing opinions, not only facts. Posting articles in full misses this
aspect. I can also read the authors ideas after clicking the link, but I'm
left wondering why the OP (Eugene in this case) has thought the article is
useful for this audience. It has an HPC angle, sure, but then should we
re-post or link here all articles that have an HPC angle ? So I'd encourage
posting only the link, possibly the title or a short abstract and, most
importantly, the context or opinion the poster has in mind.

Secondly, I value a lot having an author's idea communicated in the way
he/she thought would be best. In this case, I very much like to see links,
emphasis (color, underline, bold or italic text), pictures, etc. that the
author used to enrich the original text. Unfortunately, all these are lost
in a copy-and-paste operation, making the full article post rather useless.

And finally, a full article post goes to _all_ subscribers of this list.
This is associated with server and network load, which is gracefully
donated by our list provider. Expressing own opinions is a unique and very
valuable content which is worth the price of sending to all subscribers.
But copying a full article is not... Furthermore, with only a link instead
of the full article, I can decide whether to click it or not and, in doing
this, I also decide whether it's worth the connection price (be it in
money, time, energy or other measure). But most importantly, Penguin does
not feel any extra load by my decision to click it. Given that we get a
free service, I think it's important to avoid abusing it.

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