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On 04/04/13 08:26, Afonso Bione wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Afonso,

> Please, I know apache2 can do Load Balancer, but, I'm doing a 
> research cluster with low cost and if possible, I'dlike that, if
> someone would have a tip for using httpd only on node0 and
> depending on the need mpi would run automatically on node1, node2,
> node3, using their memorys and cpus.

By that do you mean the Apache processes themselves would be MPI

If that's the case I doubt if anyone has done that, serving web pages
is very much an embarrassingly parallel type application so it's
likely to be far more efficient to run the head node of the cluster as
a reverse proxy/load balancer and use the compute nodes as individual
web servers to service those requests.

There was a similar query on the Apache users list back in 2010 which
was answered along the same vein:


If you wanted to get this going as a toy project yourself then you may
find it better to instead try and run the cluster as a single system
image (SSI) using something like OpenMOSIX, OpenSSI or Kerrighed
instead.    That way you won't need to modify Apache and they (should)
try and migrate the prefork processes around to load balance.

Note that I have no idea if any of those 3 projects are still actively

Best of luck!
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