[Beowulf] let's standardize liquid cooling

Alan Louis Scheinine alscheinine at tuffmail.us
Fri Sep 28 15:18:40 PDT 2012

Jim Lux wrote:
> Whatever happened to a Beowulf made of tower cases piled on brick
 > and board book cases?

Many years ago at a European Supercomputer Conference I saw a vendor
selling a cluster as a set of short tower cases.  Slightly more seriously,
in the past a topic of the Beowulf mailing list was whether it was worth
the extra cost to buy 1U nodes and racks.  It is my impression that the
ratio of costs of 1U nodes versus tower cases has changed.  Is my
impression correct?  Or perhaps it is just that clusters are getting
bigger so that tower computer cases on bookcases would require the area
of Warehouse 13.  (I lived through a transition, from tower cases on a
shelf to 3U & 4U cases in a rack [that could be rotated and setup as tower
cases], then to racks with 1U cases.)


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