[Beowulf] Redundant Array of Independent Memory - fork(Re: Checkpointing using flash)

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 26 20:11:45 PDT 2012

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On 25/09/12 20:19, Andrew Holway wrote:

> [...]  It was part of a standards framework developed by some weird
> ISO sub group back in the mid 80s for an application stack that was
> never used.

Substitute "should never have been used" for "was never used" and I'll
agree. :-)

> People have then kinda munged together OSI and TCP and other
> application stuff to make some horrific stupid mess that should be
> consigned to a history book.
> Ever heard of FTAM, X.400 or CMIP?

Yes, I have to admit to getting ISODE and PP going under SunOS and
SunLink7 for just that sort of horrible mess over X.25 when the UK
academic network (JANET) was still tied to the goal of becoming OSI
rather than going TCP/IP.   Back in the day when the UKMM list argued
about transitioning from UK to GB.

All I'll say on that matter is to quote:

gb. 360000  IN  TXT  "This domain is frozen and will be phased out"

If X.400 email had happened we'd all have A4 business cards..

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