[Beowulf] Southampton's RPi cluster is cool but too many cables?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Sep 25 19:01:32 PDT 2012

>> According to this article,  raw sequence can take up between 2-30 TB,
>> and a processed one 1.5 GB. (Disclaimer: I only read the executive summary)
> At 2TB and a 6 hour lifespan for this thing to pull in the genome,

512 pores, each 15 bp/second, totalling "about" 7500 bp/sec
or 1875 bytes/second.

> you're talking about around 90MB/s to process, and at 30TB now we're
> talking about near to 1.4GB/s to process.

I think you're mixing up the two (radically different) approaches.
the old short-read systems are definitely more data (and reassembly)


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