[Beowulf] Southampton's RPi cluster is cool but too many cables?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Sep 25 18:48:06 PDT 2012

>> not particularly large (say .5G raw data from the device lifespan.)
> Where did you get that data-point from? I've been told a single genome
> sequence takes up about 6 GB of data, and I think that's after it's been
> processed.

I took it from the referenced article.  yes, various organisms
have different sized genomes, but size doesn't correspond that much
with intuition.  I'd also claim that 6GB is still small - 
certainly not going to drive some kind of dramatic burst of storage sales.

> According to this article,  raw sequence can take up between 2-30 TB,
> and a processed one 1.5 GB. (Disclaimer: I only read the executive summary)
> http://www.genetic-future.com/2008/06/how-much-data-is-human-genome-it.html

nice article, though the big-raw-data thing is very much a consequence
of the short-read technique afaik.  the direct-read-through-pore approach 
is vastly more parsimonious.

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