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> One important thing to remember about the SGE example is that SGE was
> not under a GPL license. It was under a different open-source license
> created by Sun, SISSL (Sun Industry Standards Source License)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Industry_Standards_Source_License
> I don't know the details of this license, but I do recall that this
> license did create some issues with forking that lead to some of the
> acrimony between the 3 forks. I'm no license expert, but I think the
> forking of SGE would have gone much differntly if it was under the GPL
> instead.

I just wrote an article on the state of GE for HPC Admin. It should
be out soon. Here is what I found about the SUN SISSL:

"Modifications could be kept private or made public, however, the SISSL
required that "The Modifications which You create must comply with all
requirements set out by the Standards body in effect one hundred twenty
(120) days before You ship the Contributor Version." If the Modifications
do not comply with the current standards, SISSL becomes a copyleft
license, and source must be published "under the same terms as this
license [SISSL] on a royalty free basis within thirty (30) days." Thus, as
long as shipped binaries are standards compliant, there is no requirement
to ship source code.

As for the state of GE, I use Open Grid Scheduler, there was
some bumps, some concern, some positioning, and now some divergence
although many of the updates by one group get absorbed by
the others. It is a shame there is not more co-operation, however,
I think there was a bit of panic when Oracle decided to
take right turn and close the code so the various factions
decided to manage their own destiny.


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