[Beowulf] General cluster management tools - Re: Southampton engineers a Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed Sep 12 16:52:12 PDT 2012

for the record, setting up ldap is trivial.  actually, configuring
a whole cluster with stateless nodes is pretty straight checklist...

> I'd really like to know what challenges people are facing in this area.
> Specific pain points.

funding.  vendor lockin/licensing.
lack of design standard for water cooling.
10G switches that freeze under load.

installing and running clusters is easy.  it's the other stuff that's hard.

> <plug>Its Bright Cluster Manager. No, I dont work for them but they did
> give me free licences. Yes its pretty good :)</plug>

point-and-click is always being sold like crack: first hit is free ;)


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