[Beowulf] Servers Too Hot? Intel Recommends a Luxurious Oil Bath

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Mon Sep 10 04:32:07 PDT 2012

> A single tad larger trader typically has a 3000 machines and they're
> all equipped with a highspeed network.

Europe installed over 2 million new servers in 2011 according to Gartner.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the the most massive banks on the
planet, operates something less than 10k servers in their data synapse
grid but this is their modeling department and its not their high
frequency trading machines.

That's very interesting! Where do you find out information on the banks' setups?
The few times I have interviewed in the City they wouldn't let me see into the server rooms.

Just because a bank has a lot of servers does not mean they all need to be
located near the exchange. The Montecarlo stuff will help the HFT guys
devise triggers and rules which will be set up on their trading systems.
The actual HFT system will probably only actually be a couple of machines
in some basement somewhere in london.

I live next to Canary Wharf. There are some pretty tasty air conditioning setups there,
if you look up on the roofs, and I should imagine some pretty big server rooms.

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