[Beowulf] Collocation in Iceland?

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 5 16:08:57 PDT 2012

I measured it on the globe,
now of couse planet earth is shaped a tad different,
but it's 3.5 CM there from Land's End to Iceland.

That's nearly 2000 kilometers.
I admit no good extrapolation, but rounded off i bet it's something  
like that.

 From Lands End you can move a sea cable to USA.

Now in Land's End, when i checked it out there,
there is already at least 1 financial building i saw there.

A kind of company type modern above ground datacenter-bunker
that has probably underground cables go there and some huge
satellite disks on the roof pointed to satellites,
so this route already seems to get covered by the financial industry.

As London is seemingly roughly "on route" from Chicago to Frankfurt/ 
going through lands end seems to make sense.

However a direct cable let's not forget what is it, roughly 100  
meters is a microsecond or so?

C = 300k kilometers an hour.

300k / 3.6 meters a second
300 / 3.6 meters a millisecond
0.3 / 3.6 meters a microsecond
12 meters a microsecond

Now i don't know whether signals travel through fiber at the full  
as that's pretty important.

In Copper it's roughly 1/3 lightspeed or so, so that's out of the  
question to use.

So saving some distance knowing 12 meters is a microsecond, that's  
worth it.

On Sep 5, 2012, at 10:22 PM, Joe Landman wrote:

> On 09/05/2012 04:03 PM, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
>> As someone who lives in the NYC area, I've flown between NYC and  
>> London
>> (and Europe) plenty of times. Airline routes are almost always great
>> circles, and I can assure you, every time I've flown between NYC and
>> London or continental europe, I flew over Iceland.
>  From Chicago, the geodesic lies a few hundred km south of Iceland.
> Flying from NY to London should make the geodesic move further south.
> Unless I am missing something.
> When I've flown to the UK, we passed south of Iceland, but never  
> over it.
> It would be fun to visit there some day though.
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