[Beowulf] Servers Too Hot? Intel Recommends a Luxurious Oil Bath

Nicholas M Glykos glykos at mbg.duth.gr
Wed Sep 5 07:23:08 PDT 2012

> A major advantage of these forthcoming ARM server systems is that
> they are air-coolable, and in fact even convection-aircoolable,
> if you add a suitable funnel on top of the rack.
> With SSDs, there are no movable parts. Float power will suck,
> but there are GPGPU options there, and memory bandwidth can
> be quite nice with memory cube like die stacking.

It would be lovely to have an article on clustermonkey for such a cluster.
At the very least it would make excellent teaching material [and for 
poor-to-broken universities (and countries)] it would even make a putative 
mini-research-cluster solution. Apologies for not offering to do it 
myself, I wouldn't know where to start from ...


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