[Beowulf] [OMPI users] cluster with iOS or Android devices?

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 28 15:00:13 PST 2012

You might want to post in beowulf mailing list see cc
and you want to install linux of course.

OpenFabrics releases openmpi, yet it only works at a limited number  
of distributions - most important is having
the correct kernel (usually old kernel).

I'm gonna try get it to work at debian soon.

On Nov 28, 2012, at 11:50 PM, shiny knight wrote:

> I was looking for some info about MPI port on iOS or Android devices.
> I have some old devices that may result useful, if I could be able  
> to include them in my computation scheme.
> OpenCL runs on iOS and Android, so I was wondering if there is any  
> way to have an old iPhone/phone or iPad/tablet to run MPI.
> Tried to look everywhere, but I didn't find anything that says that  
> it is possible, nor I've found any practical example.
> Thanks!
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