[Beowulf] Supercomputers face growing resilience problems

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It's a "hard problem"… The natural tendency is to solve the easy problems first, and only when backed into the corner, do you take on the hard problems.  Or.. Someone comes out of the background with a really novel approach.  I'm sure folks thought about error correcting codes in an empirical way (e.g. Parity bits) but Hamming put it all together in a nice consistent theoretical framework.  Or Shannon, for that matter.

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And this is the bit that concerns me the most.  At scale you should only be making two assumptions: (1) everything breaks all the time (2) you will have network partitions.  Checkpoint/restart is a lazy option that has no place in modern software. Yet there doesn't seem to be a priority to go beyond checkpoint restart and rethinking software architecture. I would argue that's as much or more important than figuring out manycore.

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a lot of HPC software design
assumes perfect hardware, or, that the hardware failure rate is
sufficiently low that a checkpoint/restart (or "do it all over from the
beginning") is an acceptable strategy.

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