[Beowulf] Fwd: warewulf - cannot log into nodes

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 21 10:59:25 PST 2012

On 11/20/2012 11:33 PM, Duke Nguyen wrote:
> On 11/20/12 6:29 PM, John Hearns wrote:
>> It was a ssh-key problem. Everything fixed now. Now I have few nodes up
>> with SL6.3 and are able to log in with root. It's going to be fun now :)
>> Arrggh! You beat me to it!
>> That's great - what applications do you want to run on the cluster?
>> Let us know please how it performs!
> Still too early for that :). Now my task is to create a cluster with IB
> connection. I heard about MPIPICH2 and OpenMPI also supported IB, but
> any other recommendation/experiences will be greatly appreciated.
> D.

Hi Duke

You probably mean MVAPICH2 (not MPIPICH2).
Both Open-MPI and MVAPICH2 (which is a port of MPICH2 to run
on IB), are easy to install (once you have OFED/OpenIB).
Open-MPI is a bit more flexible, as it supports TCP/IP, IB,
and other protocols, and has a number
of configurable features, several of them at runtime.
Both have mailing list support.
It really doesn't hurt to install and use both,
and they don't conflict.


MPICH2 doesn't support IB, but works over TCP/IP and other protocols.

Also, if you decide to use a resource manager (which you probably
should in a cluster), such as Torque+Maui, or SGE/OGE, or Slurm,
install it first, and build Open-MPI with resource manager
This makes parallel job launching and management much simpler.
(The three above have mailing lists also.)


I hope this helps,
Gus Correa

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