[Beowulf] PXEBoot struggling

Duke Nguyen duke.lists at gmx.com
Mon Nov 19 07:54:03 PST 2012

On 11/19/12 9:43 PM, Joe Landman wrote:
> If you don't want the headache of re-inventing this wheel yourself, I'd
> recommend the Warewulf distribution http://warewulf.lbl.gov/trac .  One
> of the best around for this stuff.

On 11/19/12 8:04 PM, Tru Huynh wrote:
> You could ease your way and try warewulf: 
> http://hpc.admin-magazine.com/Articles/Warewulf-Cluster-Manager-Master-and-Compute-Nodes 

On 11/13/12 4:20 PM, Jon Tegner wrote:
> How are you planning to boot your nodes?
> I have used perceus (http://www.perceus.org/) and was happy with it.
> There is also Warewulf (http://warewulf.lbl.gov or
> http://hpc.admin-magazine.com/Articles/Warewulf-Cluster-Manager-Master-and-Compute-Nodes)
> which I haven't used.

Hum, since lots of recommendation on warewulf, I decided to give it a 
try. First impression is... wow, it is for SL6.2 and mine is SL6.3, 
should be very similar. Unfortunately after giving it a try, I realized 
that the article is a little bit old. For example, the repo download 
link should be

# wget http://warewulf.lbl.gov/downloads/repo/warewulf-rhel6.repo -O 

Anyway, no big deal. I got everything as instructed until the step to 
create database using setup.sql:

[root at localhost ~]# mysql warewulf < /usr/share/warewulf/setup.sql -p

but unfortunately there is no setup.sql there. Setup.sql was removed: 

Any advise how to proceed?



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