[Beowulf] More AMD rumors

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Nov 19 12:17:13 PST 2012

On 11/19/2012 03:07 PM, Douglas Eadline wrote:

>> of course the article was amended at 10:15am to say that AMD contacted
>> them to say that Kaveri and the big cores are still on track.

Good.  They do have value, and I'd hate to see them leave this market. 
They do need to fix a few things though.

> I hope that is true. There was also the "looking for a buyer"
> rumor that surfaced last week. In my unofficial discussions with

Yeah, this sort of thing was frustrating during my SGI days.  Made 
discussions with customers often ... painful.

> AMD, they said they are looking forward to APU on server (which
> flies in the face of the semiaccurate claim) and that the new
> roadmap will get them to back to competing.

I hope so.  Accelerators sharing the same infrastructure as the CPU (and 
not needing an intermediate bridge) make tremendous sense.

> The key will be sales of the three major game consoles, all of
> which AMD won video deals. If they can work their roadmap
> while the console revenues keep them going things might
> be looking good in 2-3 years. For now, Intel owns the
> street. Although Intel seems to have their howitzer pointed
> at NVidia at the moment -- MIC/Phi and all that.

Think "release early, release often, learn from mistakes, make fewer 
mistakes, cycle chips faster."

> But I have to give Intel soem major geek credit. Bringing the
> original Star Trek bridge to SC12 was the highlight of the show.
> And yes I sat in Kirk's chair and have the pictures to prove it.

Mwahahaha .... I'll post mine later ... :)

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